Bucks County Association for the Blind

PLANT Group installed soil moisture sensors, rainwater harvesting systems, and a smart irrigation system controlled for a non-profit servicing the blind and visually impaired.

Analysis showed 25% irrigation water savings through integration of the PLANT Group smart irrigation system.

"The Plant Group's smart irrigation system is the best investment we have ever made for our community garden. We rely on our clients and volunteers to maintain our garden, so coordinating consistent watering was a challenge.  The smart irrigation system automates the watering process, providing real time monitoring of the soil to make sure our garden always has the right amount of water to encourage maximum growth. The results have been amazing - our plants have never looked better!  The dashboard is so easy that anyone can use it effectively. Austin and his team have been so helpful with setting up the system and answering our questions.  Thank you for creating this solution to our watering problem and helping our garden flourish!"

Anne Marie Hyer, Executive Director

The Bucks County Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired


Internet of Things (IoT) smart irrigation system, soil moisture sensors, and rainwater harvesting system for a non-profit.


Bucks County, PA