cannabis field


Consulting & Operations Management




Our team of engineers designs hardware and software solutions for the cannabis industry, including internet of things (IoT) environmental sensors, pumps and irrigation automation, LED and variable spectrum lighting, HVAC systems, and more.


Industrial Hemp

PLANT Group is helping push the industrial hemp industry forward in the United States, with farms dedicated to grain, fiber, hurd and flower and its derivatives. We support sustainable medicine, food, fashion, and building materials.


Our team has cultivated cannabis (marijuana and hemp) in CA, CO, MA, NY, NJ, NC, and OR. We support organic, regenerative, and climate-friendly growing practices for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Plant to Packaged

From cutting and drying, to curing, packaging, and shipping -- we are here to help plan the system and bring your operation to market.

Meet the Team

Austin Arrington

Austin Arrington is the Co-Founder of PLANT Group. Austin is trained as an environmental scientist and has a professional background in machine learning and environmental sensor systems. He has developed technologies for multiple venture-backed tech startups. Austin has grown cannabis in California and Vermont, and in 2021 led an industrial hemp project in Iowa. 

Anthony Smith

Anthony has over 20 years of experience in cannabis cultivation.  Having held a marijuana license in California, and hemp licenses in New York and  New Jersey, Anthony knows the plant. He has cultivated large outdoor grows, as well as indoor and greenhouse grows at scale. He has over 24 years in construction and construction management as a member of a number of several unions (Carpenters, Glazers, Teamsters and Painters), and has developed a balanced, fair and equitable understanding management style.  As site foreman on many NYC High Rise buildings, he understands the importance of strong teams and transparency in dealing with his regulatory counterparts.


Zach Dorsett

Zach has 15+ years experience in the cannabis industry. He got his start working in the early medical marijuana industry in California, and now is Co-Founder at Blue Forest Farms in Colorado. He specializes in plant genetics, and grows for seed production.


Jarid Turner 

Jarid is Director of Indoor Ag Technology at PLANT Group. He has a range of experience in the Controlled Environment Agriculture industry including in vertical farming, greenhouse farming, aquaponics, and LED lighting. Jarid has worked as an engineer with innovative AgTech companies, including Crop One, Sensei, and Growgenics.