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Greenhouse Systems





Renewable Energy Systems



Data Analytics & Machine Learning Specs

Agricultural Data

Soil health, Irrigation,  Historical and predicted weather, Farm equipment,  Crop management, Carbon market data (EMSC) We design systems for the monitoring, reporting, and verification of data for carbon and ecosystem services markets, environmental sensors.

Green Building Data

Water use efficiency, Energy consumption & optimization, Renewable energy data, Air quality, IoT (Internet of Things) networks.

Real-time Sensor Data

Soil sensors, Weather stations,  Building automation systems,  Carbon footprint tracking.

Environmental Impact Dashboards

Review data wirelessly, Carbon footprint tracking, Soil health testing and reporting, Water quality tracking, and data visualization.

Geospatial Data (GIS) 

Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Geo-referenced sensors, satellite data, and map design.

Machine Learning

Computer vision systems, Regression models, and Geospatial modeling.

Our Success Stories


PLANTGROUP was hired by environmental sensor manufacturer Teralytic to help design, build, and maintain an IoT software platform to support the Teralytic soil sensor. The software helps growers monitor soil health data in real-time, while optimizing irrigation, fertilization, and farm management practices for sustainability and cost-savings. 



  • Software & app development

  • Database Architecture & Optimization

  • Machine Learning

  • Data Analytics (Real-time sensor data, agricultural data)

  • Agile project management

  • Carbon markets

  • Hardware development (Solar Pump and Rainwater Harvesting system),

  • Smart Irrigation system 


PLANTGROUP was hired by the non-profit ESMC to help develop and oversee the MRV (monitoring, reporting platform) for ESMC. This software helps growers and ranchers track the carbon footprint of their farm management practices, enabling participating in carbon and ecosystem services markets.


Ecosystem Services
Market Consortium


  • Software & App Development

  • Database Architecture Optimization

  • Machine Learning

  • Data Analytics (Real-time sensor data, agricultural data)

  • Agile Project Management

  • Carbon Markets

  • Geospatial Data (GIS)

  • Environmental Impact Dashboards


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